Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller Dating Rumors: Were the former couple secretly dating for two years?


Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller have been dating for years now. Or so gossip columns say. Stories indicate that she became legally celibate so that she could be reunited pirates Co-star and ex-husband.

Angelina Jolie is secretly dating her ex-husband?

Apparently, Jolie planned one last trip to Manhattan specifically so that she could see her ex-husband Miller. Julie is seen bringing wine to his apartment. She even made sure to meet her children with him. Especially Pax, who is said to be very protective of Angelina.

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friends eternity The actress is starting to suspect that she and Miller have been dating for a lot longer than everyone thought. She tried to persuade the courts to officially change her status to single in 2019. As a result, there were suspicions that she was secretly meeting someone.

The truth behind the story

Julie does not see anyone. The paparazzi caught her entering one of her best friend’s apartment buildings. However, there are not even recent photos of the two of them together. Saying that dating isn’t accurate.

For what it’s worth, Pax wasn’t there to give Jolie a blessing. He’s a friend of Miller’s son, so it was more than just a game. Miller and Julie have always been on good terms, so he’s not a new character in the kid’s life.

official single case

The only evidence these stories can provide for Jolie and Miller’s dating since 2019 is Jolie’s legal status as single. This has nothing to do with Miller and everything to do with taxes. This process is called bifurcation. It allows Pitt and Jolie to legally file taxes as “single” rather than “married” as they continue to split assets and end the divorce.

There is a real possibility that Jolie and Miller may decide to date again. She’d always been talking about him glowingly, and there was that bottle of wine. However, this part of the gossip is inconsistent, lacks any real evidence, and cannot support his claim of a two-year relationship. Therefore, it is not wrong to claim that this story is completely false.

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