Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form News: Everything you need to know about the actress and her relationship


Alexandra Daddario has made a name for herself. She has been on a steady rise with several movies and TV shows to her credit. However, fans are now curious about the state of the love life of this talented actress. All the details regarding her relationship with her current beau, Andrew Form, are below-

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Alexandra Daddario showing her boyfriend

Daddario struck up her relationship with a Form official in May of 2021. She posted a beautiful photo of the couple on Instagram. I wrote in the caption-

“It was dark, cold, and rainy today, a terrible combination, and it didn’t make it warmer to wrap him in my arms, but it made everything look beautiful, kind, and cheerful.”

The model can also be seen in a recent YouTube video posted by Daddario. It’s called a “One Day Brief”. In the short clip, the actress is seen getting up in the morning and hugging Form before making her coffee with him in the kitchen.

It sure seems like a local boon to us! If you check out the comments sections, you can see that many fans agree – and also admit that they are jealous of the relationship. There are also a number of comments calling out the couple’s 17-year age difference – the model is 52 while Daddario is 35. But, the actress said she’s more discerning about the people she’s with these days. I told Getting to Hollywood in 2018—

“People have told me that my thirties are going to be the best time of my life, and I think… that’s kind of true. You know, you go through your twenties and work really hard, and you kind of get to a place in your early thirties where you know yourself better.” You know what you want emotionally. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned what you don’t want and what you want… I think I’m in a place where I know myself best. I know what I want most, and I know what I am.”

Andrew Form

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The form used to marry Jordana Brewster

Andrew Form is a film producer known for making several horror films. Before falling in love with Daddario, Vorm married actress Jordana Brewster, who is best known for her role in The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. The model Brewster met on the set Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning And at first, the couple kept their relationship a secret.

Once filming wrapped up, the couple started seeing each other out in the open. They married in 2007 and have two sons together – Julian born 2013 and Rowan born 2016. According to the peopleForm and Brewster amicably split in 2020 and continue parenting their two children.

Hopefully the relationship between Form and Daddario is far away!

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