After logging in not working in Assassin’s Creed Origins, players ask for a fix


After several hours of exploring Egypt, we’re making this list of small fixes that might go on.

Are there bigger issues we would like to address? Sure – especially setting the level of story missions – but adjustments to this scale would require a major overhaul in planning effectively.

These five are more realistic in terms that players can see realistically in upcoming patches.

target mark
Egypt has quite a few sands, and by extension, so does the map at the origins of Assassin’s Creed. This is no longer a hassle per se, but the choice to make the objective mark of gold and black diamonds is the choice.

This color selection method regularly blends your mission target with the sandy yellow heritage, making it difficult to use the map to look at your directions.

Sure, you can move the map around until the marker goes off the screen and the brand arrow appears, but a less complicated fix might be making the yellow pledge marker pulsate, making it more visible amid other map icons and golden dunes.

automatic travel repair
Even when using the lot or the car, you can hold a button to show it in the auto navigation. This makes the game identify a path to your primary or secondary goal, and then mechanically stick to it.

the problem? Good judgment governing your tracks is questionable with high quality. The feature appears to have about 50 percent of the completion cost in terms of developing a reasonable path.

The other half of the time, you’ll probably run right through your destination for a few motives – assuming you’re lucky enough to have the game ship you on the proper base path within the first location.

This identification either needs to work better or remove it because it is too evasive and unpredictable to be useful as it is.

An excellent part of chasing the stone circles is the flashback conversations that take place between Hayek and his son. However, as this is happening, you are solving a puzzle that involves aligning a shape with the stars in the night sky.

What happens if I finish the puzzle before Speakme is performed? The conversation ends, and you can’t listen to the rest of the conversation.

When you guide the figure near its exact location within the sky, it automatically pulls to the location and finishes the scene.

Ubisoft should load a confirmation button to secure your style to make sure players don’t accidentally run into interesting talk.

Why are Assassin’s Creed Origins players complaining?

Players of the Assassin’s Creed Origins games have been sharing their issues on social media structures like Steam, in preference to collecting a response. A conversation started with @nguyễnhùngcường on Steam stating that they can’t sign in to Ubisoft connect.

For this, many players have spoken out saying that they are dealing with the same trouble. @ayyyymen shared that they were given the sport but were unable to launch it.

Additionally, they said they believed their login information had gone wrong. Because of this, they opened two new debts to Ubi and hardly anyone.

Fortunately, UbiSoft commented with a reaction that it would have been better to check if players nonetheless are having a hard time.

If he was sure, the players were asked to provide more details. At the same time that UbiSoft has been able to help some players, relaxation has not gained an answer now.

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