After logging in, Assassin’s Creed Origins players are not working asking for a fix.


Did you realize that there is a specific type of dynamic search in the slayer creed of Valhalla that the vast majority of game fans will probably never see? They may be known as “revenge” missions, and are even sped up as always across the dead frame of a fellow Viking in the open world.

These corpses represent the various Valhalla players who were killed due to their own recreation by a nearby enemy. After examining the corpse, you are tasked with searching for said enemy, and once it becomes lifeless, you will get some simple rewards like XP and silver. Those who have played Assassin’s Creed Origins game may remember that the title appeared in the same online missions.

But again, the problem here is that these revenge missions are extremely uncommon in Valhalla, to the factor that players were wondering if they were completely bugged by the launch.

And as it seems, they are. The development team has once again updated its legitimate list of known issues with the sport, and the “revenge missions nowhere to be found” are now “under investigation.”

With a good chunk of good luck, revenge missions will eventually go for the walk as intended to get closer to fate, including an even bigger piece of spice for the liberator’s adventure. Do we dare to ask if you encounter the corpse of every other participant? Quench your thirst for revenge in the notes section below.

Install the latest patch

Since many technical issues can be resolved with a restart, it never hurts to restart your laptop and recuperate. Often times this will be enough to fix the error.

The entertainment makers constantly keep editing patches to improve their games and tie in any issues, so you have to manually test your entertainment updates.

Then install the latest patch to update it. This could bring back some problems like the crash of Assassin’s Creed origins.

Switch to tire mode

Many people are fixing Assassin’s Creed origins by crashing problems on their laptop using sport switch to windows mode.

So if you are running your game in full screen mode, you can try out windows mode. You can press the alt key and the enter key at the same time while the game is running to turn on the window mode.

If this method doesn’t give you the results you want, don’t worry. You can replace the view mode with your entertainment document:

Why are Assassin’s Creed Origins players complaining?

Assassin’s Creed Origins players are sharing their problems on social media platforms such as Steam, wanting a backlash.

I started a discussion using @nguyễnhùngcường on Steam to indicate that they can’t sign in to Ubisoft connect. To this, many players answered declaring that they are facing the same problem. ayyyymen shared that they got hold of the sport but couldn’t launch it.

They also introduced the idea that their login information had become incorrect. For this reason, they opened two new Ubi accounts and no one bothered.

Fortunately, UbiSoft commented with a reaction that was effectively aimed at confirming if players were having a hard time with that.

If he was sure, the players were asked to provide additional information. At the same time that UbiSoft was able to help some players, the rest now have no solution.

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